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about marathon

About Us

I’m Terry Miller, and I own Marathon Construction. I’ve been in the construction business since I was a teenager. Lots of people end up in construction because they weren’t smart enough to go to school, or they’re business people who really don’t care about doing a good job as long as they get paid. That is not the case with me. I really love what I do. I am constantly educating myself- reading trade journals, getting more certifications, etc to continue to add to my knowledge of styles, materials, techniques, codes…Trying to learn everything there is to know about building science!

I’ve been married to my wife Linnea for over 15 years and have four beautiful children that are our main focus. We are a very active family, and try to get out with our children to enjoy the outdoors and mountains as much as possible for recreation.

While my main focus is on basements, storm damage, kitchen/bath remodels, and decks, I’ve worked on lots of Tenant Finish/TI, historical/old home renovations, custom homes, commercial projects and churches. Really, there isn’t much I haven’t done when it comes to building, and I’m always looking to add to the list!

Why the name MARATHON?

I formerly used the name AAA Construction Services. The idea of that name was to be first in the phone book. The name never had any real meaning, got confused with other companies, and no one has used a phone book in years! As a (slow!) Marathon runner, (I especially love long distance trail running in the mountains) the word Marathon has significance to me personally, but it’s MUCH more than that. The Marathon (26.2 miles) is an event that requires training, discipline, commitment, dedication, aspiration to excel, and lots of hard work to complete. Results are shown on the finish clock; there are no excuses and you can’t fake it. These are the values I bring to each and every project I take on.

My Values Statement:

I will treat everyone I contact with honesty, integrity, and respect. I want my clients to be left with a finished product that they’ll not only love, but that will inspire loyalty for future projects as well as to refer me to future clients. I will always strive to provide the highest level of quality, service, and communication. I attempt to complete each and every project in a timely fashion, and treat each job site with the same respect I show my own home or place of business. My sub-contractors must be treated fairly, and be held to the same high standards.